HSP is a stocking distributor for several quality valve brands and can supply almost any valve requirement for MRO or project needs. In addition, we provide full valve actuation packages built in-house to customer specifications. 

Ball Valves

  • Full range of sizes, pressure ratings and materials
  • Floating, trunnion mounted, top and side entry design
  • Standard materials available from stock
  • larger sizes, ratings and special materials made to order
  • Size ½” to 56”
  • Class 150 to 2500 lbs
  • All material types including metal to metal seats

Gate, Globe & Check Valves

  • Full range of sizes, pressure ratings and materials
  • Non-stock items and special materials made to order
  • Non-flan and dual plate check valves
  • Size ½” to 60”
  • Pressure ratings 150 to 4500 lbs
  • Standard valves available from stock (held in the UK)
  • Larger sizes, ratings and special material items made to order

Butterfly Valves

  • Wafer, wafer lug, double flanged and butt weld end
  • Triple eccentric metal/metal seating
  • Top entry for cryogenic applications
  • Full range of materials
  • Rubber lined
  • Specials - steam body jackets also available to heat the disc
  • Size 3” to 120”
  • Full range of trim materials to suit service conditions

Plug Valves 

  • Lubricated plug valves
  • Fully lined plug valves
  • Jacketed plug valves - including a full jacket with oversized flanges
  • Double isolation plug valves
  • Size ½” to 48”
  • Pressure ratings 150 to 2500 lbs


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