Although valve designs have not changed in the last few years, the wide variety of different customer specifications and manufacturers has resulted in a high level of valve complexity in the industry. We help our customers navigate valve options for their projects, ensure that all material meets specification, and is delivered on time.

Attention to detail and responsiveness are the keys to our success. We also have partnerships with many of the world’s leading valve manufacturers which allows us to provide on time service for all that we, including quotations, document submittals, and valve delivery.

At HSP, we provide a dedicated approach to our customers in the Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical sectors. We have dedicated teams of specialists that support customers in various parts of the industry and our customers have 24/7 access to our teams.  

Valve Supply and Quality Products

We work with world-leading manufacturers of valves. That means our clients can be assured of the highest quality products at all times. We manage our inventory to meet many of our client’s immediate requirements. If we don’t have the valve in in stock, our world class procurement teams are able to source the valves our customers need.

In addition to maintaining our ISO 9001 systems, we continuously invest time in the re-engineering and fine-tuning of our processes. These processes enable us to control the quality and delivery of all aspects of valve procurement, inspection, reporting and documentation. As a result, all valves we supply are fully traceable and delivered on time with the proper documentation.

Commercial Support

HSP provides around the clock service and delivers a quick and detailed responses to all enquiries. With our comprehensive understanding of technical specifications and various manufacturers around the world, we also provide customer support with budget pricing, sourcing options, and fast track deliveries. For those customers requiring long term MRO support, we provide contracted delivery promises and stocking policies that ensure our customer's urgent needs are always fulfilled.

Technical Support

Our core strength is providing customers with first class engineering support. We share our technical expertise in the Oil and Gas industry and our many years of experience with engineered valves with all of our customers. We work with clients to discuss technical issues and inconsistencies. We work with our clients to answer any questions they may have and quickly resolve all technical issues before the order even takes place.


HSP is a leading supplier of actuated valve packages. These packages require the development of an engineering solution that includes actuators, control instrumentation, and valves. In addition to a detailed interpretation of client specifications, our engineers make sure all the interfaces are clarified and engineered correctly. Whether it is MAST calculations or instrumentation in control panels, we engineer it all.

Once the engineering of the valve package is complete, we engage in a premier project management process including:

  • Procurement of all the items in the package (e.g. solenoid valves and tanks)
  • Installation in accordance with the specification
  • Pre-manufacturing approval of all test procedures
  • Management of valve testing

The service we provide is independent from the actuators suppliers, but we have experience with hydraulic, electric, pneumatic or gas over oil actuators.


Customers are increasingly demanding more extensive documentation of manufacturing and testing processes. HSP is a leader in the provision of documentation to our clients. We have a dedicated team of professionals who make the whole process smooth and efficient. Whether it’s a single fire test certificate or a folder with 200 certificates, we provide them all.

The process of document submission, client review and amendment can be very complicated with each document often requiring multiple submissions. Once we have an agreed documentation format, we make sure to keep visibility on the progress of each document and provide a quick service for any resubmission to our customers. Our engineers are available to answer questions as they arise so that documents do not get “stuck”. 

Obtaining hundreds of documents from multiple manufacturers in different continents can be a very time consuming process. However, by leveraging our long standing relationships with manufacturers and the diligence of our staff, we get documents turned around quickly. We present the documents in a consistent and professional manner that allows our customers to source any document efficiently.

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