Although valve designs have not changed in the last few years, the increasing variety of customer specifications has resulted in a high level of complexity in the industry in terms of materials, inspection and testing. When this is combined with a fragmented manufacturing industry, it requires experts like HSP to play a lead role.

For 35 years, we have been supplying valves to projects in all corners of the world. We help customers by leveraging our knowledge to clarify specifications and provide access to a wide range of suppliers in the global supply chain.

How we help:

Alleviate supply chain challenges

At HSP, our engineers are familiar with all major end user and contractor specifications and their approved manufacturers. Through our global vendor network, we source valves according to client AMLs from Europe, USA, Korea, and China. We have partnerships with many of the world’s leading valve manufacturers which allows us to provide on time service for quotations, document submittals, and valve delivery.

Seamless quotation process

A key part of our success is the trust we build through the quotation period for projects. We have a reputation for attention to detail, on time responsiveness, and honesty. Our quotation process uses technical and commercial logs that keep track of all the issues from enquiry to order management.

Knowledgeable and experienced staff

Our relationships with our customers is driven by our people. Our staff has an accumulated 1000 years of valve industry experience and together with an unrivalled attention to detail, we provide our customers with the confidence that the right valve will be delivered on time and with the correct documentation. In addition, we have a team of in-country Italian expeditors and a full time metallurgist to take the lead on critical inspections. 

Commitment to process, communication, quality, and project management

We firmly believe that success on projects in the industry comes from teamwork with the clients. This always starts with Kick Off meetings and pre-inspection meetings that bring the client, contractor and manufacturer together. Throughout the duration of the project, we ensure that everyone stays informed and aligned. 

We have a multilevel approach to managing manufacturers. This includes relationships in different disciplines from the shop floor to senior management. This allows us to keep all manufacturer activities on track.

In addition to maintaining our ISO 9001 systems, we continuously invest time in the re-engineering and fine-tuning of our processes to control the quality and delivery of all aspects of valve procurement, inspection, reporting, and documentation.


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