HSP Fast Track Actuation Package

Published: 09/21/2015

In December, we announced that we had been awarded a multi-million dollar contract with Bumi Armada for the Kraken FPSO. HSP will supply the main valve actuation package for this FPSO, which is in construction in Singapore. Our order includes 108 actuated trunion ball valves in sizes up to 24”, with a variety of electric and pneumatic actuators. Gordon McNair, Engineering Director of HSP Valves, commented on the progress of this prestigious order, “After just 4 months it’s heartening to report that the actuated valves are on schedule with first deliveries occurring 20 weeks after award. This project exemplifies the excellent teamwork between ourselves and Bumi Armada, and between ourselves and the manufacturers (Valbart and Paladon Systems). This includes our local staff in Kuala Lumpur.”
The success of this project is primarily due to the seamless documentation and communication process HSP implemented from enquiry to completion. Gordon stated, “One of the key aspects of success on complex packages like this is our ability to control and record changes. The proliferation of email correspondence can complicate the process of formally agreeing matters.
From the enquiry process to completion we keep formal logs of all discussions and agreements both with the client and our manufacturers. These logs cover not just the myriad of technical matters but also commercial issues.
We even keep logs of inspections, so that we can accurately document them all as they occur (and when they are waived) as well as reporting on follow up matters.”
Gordon added,“A key part of our success is proactively, energetically communicating with our clients and manufacturers. We are well aware that the FPSO industry requires fast track deliveries. For HSP the key to our success with the industry isn’t just our technical knowledge, it’s also about our speed of response. We are really proud of our on time performance on this important project.”

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