HSP Global Updates

Published: 06/13/2016

Global Client Base

Over the last couple of years, our global client base has significantly expanded. We are now a trusted partner for major oil and gas companies around the world. Our highly skilled staff are located in key regions around the world in order to be close to our clients. We provide exceptional document control, seamless project management, and complete actuation services. In addition, our strong and long standing relationships with leading valve manufacturers has proven to be beneficial to our customers, particularly in this contracting oil and gas market.

Despite the low oil prices and the challenging environment across the industry, HSP Valves continues to grow. Derrick Mackenzie, Sales Director for HSP Valves, says “Our global teams are doing a fantastic job through difficult market conditions and we still see plenty of opportunities for our skills and services. We are currently supplying the main valve packages on two recent FPSO projects in Malaysia.”

Continuous Improvement- Process Mapping

Over the last year we have successfully rolled out an integrated process mapping system throughout the Company. This system is helping with internal consistency and training, as well as improving our productivity, attention to detail, and speed of response to our customers. HSP strives to continuously advance our business processes and implement efficiencies.

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