IMI Maxseal - High Integrity Direct Acting Hydraulic Solenoid Valve

The requirements for hydraulically actuated well heads, ESD valves or HIPPS systems are such that valves can remain in a fixed position for months or even years at a time. This scenario introduces particular demands on the hydraulic system; requirements for solenoid valves with virtually zero leakage, coils that can remain 100% energised without failing and, in particular, solutions that can be relied upon to operate on demand, even after extended periods of time. 

The pneumatic version of the Maxseal IC03S has long been the preferred choice when a small valve footprint was required, thanks to its dual solenoid application and excellent flow rates that eliminate the additional cost of boosters. 

The new IC03S Hydraulic SOV, available in pressure ranges up to 700 bar and flow rates up to 90L/pm, is ideal for hazardous area applications and has received favourable client feedback and below is a testimonial on the product: 

“Initially we were reluctant to try a different manufacturer for our high-pressure solenoid operated valves. However, after extensive in-house performance testing, we were able to begin rolling these out as part of our hydraulic actuator control systems. The design is robust and durable ensuring some of the potential pitfalls encountered during the commissioning phase are mitigated by inherent design features. Integration with existing designs is kept simple, with a small overall footprint and flexible mounting options. 

Overall our migration to Maxseal’s IC03S for high pressure fluids has been seamless thanks to support from IMI Maxseal and HSP Valves Group limited.” 

HSP are an official IMI Maxseal distributor and have been for more than a decade, holding the largest global inventory of IMI Maxseal products. HSP has increased and expanded its inventory and range of IMI Maxseal solenoid valves through the addition of the new Hydraulic IC03 and IC04-PST to the current extensive range of voltages and pressure ranges including up to 414 bar.

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