IMI Maxseal


As part of IMI Precision Engineering, Maxseal solenoid valves are an extremely high quality brand of stainless steel solenoid valves, designed and manufactured with reliability and integrity in mind. Maxseal valves are renowned for performing exceptionally well in extreme and hazardous environments and have been installed in plants all over the world for well over 50 years.

IMI Maxseal valves perform exceptionally well in harsh environments all over the globe and are often associated with offshore oil & gas applications, but are also used onshore, particularly in coastal environments where a fully stainless steel construction is advantageous.

IMI Maxseal products have global certifications, and due to their exceptional reliability are often found on Safety Instrumented Systems. Our products are in operation in both upstream and downstream solutions. Our latest addition to the range the ISO4-PST allows the operator to address all the requirements of partial stroke testing without compromise.

  • Global certifications including SIL, ATEX, IECEx, TR-CU, CSA, CCOE, FM & Inmetro
  • Suitable for SIL / Safety Instrumented Systems
  • Reliable & resilient in hazardous environments
  • Low power options
  • Pneumatic & hydraulic options

HSP Valves have been official Maxseal distributors since 2004 and hold the largest global inventory of Maxseal IC03, IC04 Solenoids, Filter Regulators and associated products.



Download PDFs here:

ICO2S Solenoid Valve
ICO3S Solenoid Valve
ICO4S Solenoid Valve
ICO4-PST Smart Solenoid Valve




Download PDFs here:

QEV - Quick exhaust valve
IFR - Filter/regulator
W11/W12/W13 - Inline Filter

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